Cancellation Policies

Spa and Wellness

We have been blessed to be providing care for you within our collective communities for over 2 decades. We often have a waiting list for new clients and our existing, therefore we ask you to honor your appointment times/dates.


We do have a 24-hour cancellation for an individual appointment to avoid being charged the FULL FEE of your scheduled modality.

A 48-hour cancellation is required

for groups of 2 or greater.


No-Shows will be required to pay the FULL FEE of their scheduled modality.

Groups of 2

or Greater

In order to secure your reservations with us with groups of 2 or greater a 50% deposit is required at the time of scheduling your appointments. The remaining balance is then due at the completion of your sessions. If a 48-hour cancellation is not provided the 50% deposit is non-refundable. When cancelling within the first 48 hours the 50% deposit can be transferred to your rescheduled appointment or refunded.


Group Deposits are non-transferable

FDA Prescription Compliancy

The State’s position, as determined by the (FDA), requires that Colon Irrigation devices must be registered and listed with the FDA. Colon Irrigation devices used for colonics (Colon Hydro-therapy) require a physician’s prescription to be on file for every colon hydro-therapy client.

If your Client Intake Form indicates a previous or current contraindication, the Colon Hydro-therapist must call Pathways to Health Wellness Clinic's Medical Director for approval. If the Medical Director is not available to give approval by phone/ fax, the appointment must be rescheduled until your Client Intake Form is reviewed by the Medical Director.

Clients without medical contraindications may proceed with colon hydrotherapy at the time of their scheduled appointment.


An annual fee of $35.00 will be charged for the renewal

of your prescription in order to continue care.